Welcome to the website of Patrick Schutte Dressage.

Here we are busy with selling , training and participating of talented dressagehorses on all the levels of training and in different priceranges.

Patrick Schutte himself worked and got his education on several skills for years under the wings of for example : Tim Coomans , Karen Nijvelt and Sven & Gonnelien Rothenberger.

'' After years of competing several horses on national level myself , for the moment I focus on training , selling and participating of talented dressagehorses ! ".

Over the years we have sold  talented dressagehorses , to both amateurs as well as professionals from all over the world !

For us the most important thing is that the customer enjoys riding and can be succesful for years with the horses we trained or participated !

We treat all our requests seriously and try to find the perfect match for all our clients !

If you are seriously looking for a good Dressagehorse , just let Us know for sure ! But also , don't hesitate to contact Us , when You can offer Us a nice horse , which you want to sell or want to put in training !

Feel free to contact Us with your request !

Kind regards    Patrick Schutte.